Change Management Downloads

Simple Guide to Change Management

Used by over 30,000 organizations worldwide!

12 Common Types of Organizational Change

Understand the most popular types of large scale change

Simple Guide to Change Management Models

Compares 15 most popular approaches to organizational change

Light-Hearted Guide to Organizational Change Stakeholders

Fun depictions of characters encountered during change initiatives.

Why Do Brains Hate Change?

Insights from the field of neuroscience on how brains react to change

Illustrated Intro to Organizational Change

Outlines the major types of organizational change

Change Stakeholder Playing Cards

Unique facilitation resource for change makers

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational Leadership explained in a memorable manner

Simple Guide to Personal Transformation

Organizational changes occur at the scale of the individual. English | Russian

How to Achieve Workplace Wellbeing

Accepted for presentation at the Fourth World Congress on Positive Psychology

How to make the most of these resources:

  • Share with colleagues who are undergoing organizational change.
  • Print & laminate the posters, place on office wall as inspiring learning tools
  • Use the posters as handouts for your leadership development programs, courses or training sessions

Promote a better understanding of:

  • Organizational change
  • How individuals respond to change
  • How organizations must manage change when implementing projects

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