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Risk assessment & Environmental analysis

Risk assessment template

This tool prompts the people planning a potential change to consider the various types of risk that may be encountered including Human, Project, Operational, Reputational, Technical, Financial, Natural, and Political

Environmental forces analysis

The environmental forces analysis is a comprehensive tool that helps groups and organizations consider the external forces that may ultimately impact their change initiative including Market conditions Customer demands Stakeholder needs Technologies Regulatory environment Availability of raw materials Once identified, they are able to determine how these factors are likely to shift going forward This …

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SWOT worksheet

A SWOT analysis is a useful and simple planning tool that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats inherent in the change being undertaken It prompts consideration of both the positives and shortcomings of the current situation, which are used to identify the desired state and what is needed to achieve it

PESTEL analysis (one page)

PESTEL analysis is used to conduct a structured investigation of the external environment in which the organization (or change target) operates This involves consideration of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental (ecological), and legal environment as they pertain to the organization (or change target)