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Environmental forces analysis

  • The environmental forces analysis is a comprehensive tool that helps groups and organizations consider the external forces that may ultimately impact their change initiative including
    • Market conditions
    • Customer demands
    • Stakeholder needs
    • Technologies
    • Regulatory environment
    • Availability of raw materials
  • Once identified, they are able to determine how these factors are likely to shift going forward
  • This analysis is similar to a ‘PESTEL’ analysis, however it also encourages organizations to consider what actions the group or organization will start, stop, or do differently

When to use?

  • Typically the tool is used during the gap analysis phase; however, an environmental forces analysis is useful at any phase of a change and may also provide helpful insights as a regular business practice

What Next

  • The results are used to help define the ideal state for the post-change group/team or organization
  • They can also assist the organization in defining the optimal way to implement the change
  • The results (and the tool itself) may also be used during ongoing strategic planning as a reminder of the need to be aware of how the environment is continually changing

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