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Coaching using G.R.O.W. template

  • Coaching team members who are involved with a change project is an extremely good way to ensure they feel supported, are heard, have guidance to assist them to resolve challenges they are facing, and can access resources that can help them on their change journey
  • This template helps managers and leaders more effectively coach their employees by structuring the conversation they have as ‘coach’ with a coachee (the employee receiving the coaching) using the proven ‘G.R.O.W.’ model

When to use?

  • The G.R.O.W
  • model is an effective framework for coaching both in the context of organizational change as well as being a part of the regular ongoing development of team members

What Next

  • Outcomes from coaching sessions may be used to inform a training needs assessment (TNA) for that individual; coaching typically involves the coachee taking the initiative to work towards their goals
  • The role of the manager/coach is to ensure that the coachee continues to make progress towards the goals that they created and to facilitate success through access to tools, people, or other resources as appropriate
  • Consistency (from coaches) is crucial for the success of coaching programs

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