Culture and Change

Does your organization factor culture into its change plans?

This module explains the critical importance of understanding and factoring-in an organization’s unique culture during change initiatives. Outlines what elements combine to form organizational culture, demonstrates how change leaders vary their approach to suit organizations with differing cultures. The influence of national cultures is also explored with an explanation of models that assist multi-regional change initiatives.

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  • Benefits

    This module will activate your organization to:

    • help organizational members to understand what features of an organization interact to form the emerging property of its culture, and prompt them to recognize these varied features in their organization
    • clarify the distinction between change initiatives that consider an organization’s culture and those that attempt to influence the organization’s culture
    • demonstrate to senior leaders who have the ambition to promote cultural change within an organization the ongoing commitment and support required to achieve sustained cultural change
    • understand how a change team would alter their approach to a change initiative based on the cultural differences between two otherwise similar organizations
    • to demonstrate the need of multinational organizations to adapt and customize a change implementation plan to local conditions due to national cultural differences
    • The module can act as a primer before a cultural inventorying assessment is undertaken in order to demonstrate the need to understand the nature of the organization’s unique culture
  • Learning objectives

    This module will empower your teams and individuals to:

    • understand the nature of the elements that combine to constitute an organization’s culture
    • awareness that there may be distinct inter-organizational cultures that can impact upon a change initiative
    • recognize the strong link between organizational culture and change initiative success
    • be aware how differences in organizational cultures can result in concrete differences in change implementation plans
    • acknowledge the various metrics for inventorying organizational culture

    This module is ideal for use at this stage of change implementation:

    Pre-implementationDuring ImplementationPost-implementation
  • Compatibility

    This module will boost engagement levels during the following change methodology stages:

    Change Management MethodologyStage / phase
    AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology)Develop Reinforcement Strategy
    Kurt Lewin’s Three Stage Change ModelRefreeze: Anchor the changes into the culture
    Bridges Leading Transition Model for ChangeNew Beginnings: Symbolize new identity
    Beckhard and Harris Change Management ProcessConsolidating
    John Kotter Eight Step Model for ChangeIncorporating Changes into the Culture
    ADKAR Model for Change ManagementReinforcement
    Kubler Ross Change Curve Model
    LaMarsh Change Management ModelSustain the Change
    People Centered Implementation (PCI) ModelSustained Personal Performance
    Viral Change Roadmap ModelSustain
    General Electric Change Acceleration Process (CAP)Making change last

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Culture and Change