Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform


Communication objectives plan

  • This tool is used to help those planning change (or currently implementing a change) become more aware of potential viewpoints of various stakeholders/groups by mapping their attitudes and power levels in relation to the particular change
  • It is a component of the Stakeholder Profile Document

When to use?

  • This tool is ideally used at the beginning of a change project as it assists in identifying those groups and individuals that may need more attention or explanation
  • Stakeholder mapping is also useful at subsequent points during a change project, particularly if the change is taking place over a protracted period whereby stakeholder(s) may change or their relationship to the project may be modified

What Next

  • The results of this mapping exercise inform the communication strategy for each particular group
  • Stakeholder mapping also guides the amount of attention paid to particular groups to ensure that they remain assisters of the initiative, or that the damaging impacts of possible negative attitudes are minimized

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