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The Change Activation Toolkit is a full featured organizational change management resource that equips groups throughout organizations with the skills and tools to plan and implement sustained changes.

Its digital assets can be quickly deployed where they are needed via a scalable and highly customizable online platform. It supports all change methodologies.

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The Change Activation Toolkit features 300+ digital assets. It is available either via our web platform or as a digital archive, to be made available within your organization’s intranet, SharePoint or LMS.

The web platform and all assets are white-labeled with your organization’s branding, ensuring the Toolkit seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing internal collateral.

Supports multiple user groups

Frontline & middle managers, senior leaders

  • Access change management resources on demand
  • Self-service tools & templates
  • Learning videos & reading guides

Change management
consultants & practitioners

  • Curate user access to the Toolkit, ensuring groups have access to appropriate resources
  • Empowered to act more strategically and in an advisory capacity

Project, HR, organizational development teams

  • Integrate change processes into projects
  • Utilize change learning programming
  • Strategic uplift of organizational change ability

Innovative modules cover the whole change cycle

Each module is a stand alone resource with implementation tools, videos and learning materials. Click any module to preview its contents:

Compatible with all change methodologies and models


The Change Activation Toolkit is methodology agnostic and supports all change management models. A¬†compatibility guide maps which of the Change Activation Toolkit’s modules can be used to support the stages of all methodologies.

Methodologies include ADKAR, AIM, BCG Change Delta, Bridges Leading Transition, Change Leader’s Roadmap, GE CAP, Kotter, Kubler Ross Change Curve, Kurt Lewin, LaMarsh, PCI, Prosci and the Viral Change Roadmap.

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