Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform


Stakeholder profile document

  • Like the Stakeholder Mapping Document, this tool is used to help those planning change (or currently implementing a change) become more aware of potential viewpoints of various stakeholders/groups by mapping their attitudes and power levels in relation to the particular change
  • The Stakeholder Profile Document includes a summary of the Stakeholder Map
  • This tool gives a good overall ‘stakeholder report card’, prompting consideration of the stakeholder’s influence level, attitude and knowledge about a potential change
  • It is also a place to record stakeholders’ expectations of the change, their engagement history and their relationships with other stakeholders/groups

When to use?

  • Ideally this tool is utilized during the planning stage for a change; however, it may be used at any phase of change given that the attitudes and levels of influence of stakeholders (and stakeholder groups) may shift during the course of an initiative

What Next

  • The results of using this template to intentionally understand stakeholders will inform the overall Stakeholder Analysis performed during the planning phase of change projects
  • Results of a stakeholder analysis may inform the:
    • Learning and coaching plan – to ensure that stakeholders have the skills and are adequately supported through the change
    • Communication strategy – to ensure that the right messages are provided to the right stakeholders at the right time in the right medium (communication channel)
    • Sponsor engagement plan – to ensure that sponsors are aware of the various stakeholder needs in this change initiative
  • Results may also be utilized to inform subsequent change initiatives

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