Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform


Sponsorship-style self-assessment

  • This tool encourages change sponsors to consider their own characteristics and how these influence the change environment; they are asked to reflect on seven sponsor characteristics: the primary sponsor, the mediator, the unblocker, the purse holder, the mediator, the planner, and the visionary

When to use?

  • This assessment is ideally conducted at the beginning of a change project or whilst engaging sponsors to consider their responsibilities to the change project
  • This tool may also encourage sponsors to improve the quality of their involvement and reminds senior leaders of the multi-faceted nature of their responsibilities regarding change initiatives
  • It is a non-threatening assessment that guides them to be better contributors to the success of organization change projects

What Next

  • This analysis is generally self-administered by sponsors and its results may be debriefed, but not necessarily be collected
  • These results inform the stakeholder analysis as well as the sponsor management strategy being employed by those leading the change

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