Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform


Personal change readiness self-assessment

  • This self-assessment investigates an individual’s likely disposition toward change
  • It is designed to provoke personal reflection regarding such change components as risk, control, and flexibility

When to use?

  • This can be used either prior to, or at the beginning of, a change project
  • The Change Readiness Self-Assessment is used as a conversation starter around the idea of personal readiness to change and one’s willingness to adopt new behaviors
  • It may be used during coaching sessions between managers and employees or peer-to-peer

What Next

  • This can inform stakeholder analysis efforts as well as alert managers and team members to individuals who may require particular support during change initiatives
  • It may be useful during team members’ coaching sessions during change initiatives
  • Individuals may become more aware of their personal disposition to change and identify the need to overcome challenges and/or lead through example of their positive outlook

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