Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform



Sponsorship-style self-assessment

This tool encourages change sponsors to consider their own characteristics and how these influence the change environment; they are asked to reflect on seven sponsor characteristics: the primary sponsor, the mediator, the unblocker, the purse holder, the mediator, the planner, and the visionary

Sponsor roadmap worksheet

This tool enables change leaders to outline the activities to which each internal/external sponsor, senior executive, and employee has committed in support of the change initiative; thus creating a summary or roadmap

Managing resistance worksheet

This worksheet accompanies the ‘Managing Resistance’ module and invites change leaders and managers to identify the primary reasons their people resist change and plan how best to overcome or mitigate the damaging impact of their resistance While this is particularly useful when planning a change that may be unpopular due to perceived negative impacts on …

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Cultural analysis template

This tool helps leaders and manager better understand the culture of the organization/group that is impacted most by the change by considering the various key elements of organizational culture outlined in the module ‘Culture and Change’: values, belief systems, dominant leadership styles, collective assumptions, myths & stories, rituals, character, and orientation

Coaching using G.R.O.W. template

Coaching team members who are involved with a change project is an extremely good way to ensure they feel supported, are heard, have guidance to assist them to resolve challenges they are facing, and can access resources that can help them on their change journey This template helps managers and leaders more effectively coach their …

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Benefits measurement planning template

Proving the effectiveness of a change initiative is critically important; this tool ensures that change leaders have pro-actively conducted the benefits analysis and identified the leading and lagging measures so the organization will clearly understand the impact of the change initiative as well as its effectiveness of the change initiative itself You may wish to …

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