Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform


Organizational change readiness assessment

  • The organizational change readiness assessment is an Excel-based survey that helps inventory an organization’s disposition towards change and its likelihood for a successful change initiative
  • It investigates the way the organization is managing their current changes, their history of handling change, the culture and climate, as well as the change ability of the organization’s staff

When to use?

  • This tool can be used at any point during the change cycle; however, it is particularly useful when conducted both at the beginning and at the conclusion of a change initiative; this allows the organization to track its progress towards ‘change agility’ / ‘change maturity’
  • Responses are simultaneously charted in the following categories, with a space for respondents to enter recommended actions:
    – Issues that require urgent attention
    – Issues that require attention
    – Issues that may requires reviewing
    – Areas the organization performs well
    – Organizational strengths

What Next

  • The ‘Actions to Take’ responses inform the development of desired state as well as inform the change implementation plan including the communication strategy, resistance management strategy, and (potentially) the sponsorship engagement strategy

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