Just launched: Enterprise Change Management Platform


Benefits measurement planning template


  • Proving the effectiveness of a change initiative is critically important; this tool ensures that change leaders have pro-actively conducted the benefits analysis and identified the leading and lagging measures so the organization will clearly understand the impact of the change initiative as well as its effectiveness of the change initiative itself
  • You may wish to review the concepts of leading and lagging measures outlined in the ‘Measuring Change Effectiveness’ module

When to use?

  • This tool is initiated during the change planning process as specific intervention steps are being defined
  • The measures that are put into place are used throughout the implementation phase; some will continue beyond for tracking of ongoing progress
  • The identified metrics will be critical in analyzing the effectiveness of the overall change

What Next

  • The findings of the change measurements inform the overall change evaluation that is conducted following the implementation of the change (bearing in mind that sustaining change is a long-term project)

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