Measuring Change Effectiveness

Can you prove the impact of your change efforts?

This module outlines how change management leaders can develop a suite of measurement tools that can help them to assess both the outcome of the change initiative as well as the effectiveness of specific change management activities in order to make on-the-fly adjustments. A range of both quantitative and qualitative measures that change management leaders can use are introduced, and the importance of presenting change effectiveness in a coherent, understandable manner is outlined.

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  • Benefits

    This module will activate your organization to:

    • demonstrate to senior leaders and sponsors how a change initiative will be measured and accountable for its effectiveness over time
    • engage organizational members responsible for non-change related performance measurements and assist in clarifying the need for change leaders to have access to such data
    • explain the difference between leading and lagging performance measures, a distinction that is commonly not understood
    • clarify how leading measures can be used in order to make rolling adjustments to the change plan and change activities whilst the change initiative is underway
    • recognize how critical it is for those people responsible for making measurements and collecting information to record performance information across a wide array of organizational activities in support of the change initiative
    • debunk concerns regarding the lack of information concerning cost effectiveness of a change initiative
    • acknowledge how important it is to have coordinated systems in place to make pre-change and post-change measurements
    • build a case for developing a portfolio of performance measures within organizations that are yet to take a unified approach to measurement systems
    • show junior change agents and change managers the non-anecdotal options for the evaluation of change success
    • motivate those in the change team to also capture non-quantifiable data, such as stories, and create representative case studies that can be shared
    • prompt individuals who make presentations with text-heavy PowerPoint slides, management-jargon and a lack of clarity to present information about change effectiveness in a clear and concise manner
  • Learning objectives

    This module will empower your teams and individuals to:

    • acknowledge the various approaches organizations take when measuring the effectiveness of change initiatives
    • understand the importance of measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of the change initiatives
    • become awareness that measuring change effectiveness allows the change plan to be adjusted as the change is underway
    • utilize the various types of qualitative and quantitative measurements that can be made at various stages through a change implementation
    • understand of the relationship between leading and lagging indicators
    • recognize the importance of clear and straightforward presentation of change management effectiveness findings

    This module is ideal for use at this stage of change implementation:

    Pre-implementationDuring ImplementationPost-implementation
  • Compatibility

    This module will boost engagement levels during the following change methodology stages:

    Change Management MethodologyStage / phase
    AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology)Develop Reinforcement Strategy
    Kurt Lewin’s Three Stage Change ModelRefreeze: Celebrate success!
    Prosci Enterprise Change Management ModelVision: Assess current state
    Bridges Leading Transition Model for ChangeThe Neutral Zone: Celebrate small wins
    New Beginnings: Celebrate successes
    Beckhard and Harris Change Management ProcessNoticing improvements and energizing
    John Kotter Eight Step Model for ChangeGenerating Short-term Wins
    ADKAR Model for Change ManagementReinforcement
    The Change Leader’s Roadmap modelPhase VIII – Celebrate and Integrate the New State
    LaMarsh Change Management ModelSustain the Change
    People Centered Implementation (PCI) ModelSustained Personal Performance
    Viral Change Roadmap ModelSustain
    General Electric Change Acceleration Process (CAP)Monitoring progress

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Measuring Change Effectiveness