Change Readiness Assessment

How willing and able is your organization to adapt to change?

This module explains how a change readiness assessment helps leaders of change initiatives to understand the capacity to change that exists within individuals and groups. It highlights how organizations’ differing capacities to change are dependent on their circumstances, histories, cultures and operational environments. The module emphasizes that organizational change capability is an increasingly important performance metric and strategic objective.

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  • Benefits

    This module will activate your organization to:

    • help managers to understand that not everyone will be ready to adopt change behaviors at the same time and with the same level of involvement, interest and commitment
    • achieve clarity about the nature and purpose of the assessment that is being conducted while performing a change readiness assessment
    • understand how crucial it is for change leaders to understand the existing nature of the organization, its culture, prominent leadership styles as well as changes that are already underway
    • consider the impact of implementing change actions with little regard to the readiness of the people whom those change actions will affect
    • reassure members within organizations responsible for continuous improvement and quality programs that such processes within organizations are taken into account by change initiatives at this stage
    • show change teams that they can make adjustments and tweaks to their change management methodology based upon what issues they find at this stage
    • encourage change groups to create their own readiness assessment tools that will suit their organization’s unique situation
    • demonstrate to senior executives that the implementation of a particular change initiative is timely or not or, that it must be prioritized amongst other change initiatives
  • Learning objectives

    This module will empower your teams and individuals to:

    • understand the importance of gauging the organization’s capacity to change prior to implementing a change initiative
    • awareness of the uses of both qualitative and quantitative measures of readiness
    • knowledge of how to use a readiness measure to identify potential sources of resistance

    This module is ideal for use at this stage of change implementation:

    Pre-implementationDuring ImplementationPost-implementation
  • Compatibility

    This module will boost engagement levels during the following change methodology stages:

    Change Management MethodologyStage / phase
    AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology)Define the Implementation
    Prosci Enterprise Change Management ModelVision: Assess current state
    Bridges Leading Transition Model for ChangeThe Neutral Zone: Listen, empathize, support
    Beckhard and Harris Change Management ProcessEstablishing the need for change
    The Change Leader’s Roadmap modelPhase III – Assess the Situation to Determine Design Requirements
    LaMarsh Change Management ModelIdentify the Change
    Viral Change Roadmap ModelDevelopment
    General Electric Change Acceleration Process (CAP)Shaping a Vision

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Change Readiness Assessment