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What is Brand Strategy video

Use this video to promote an understanding of:

  • the reasons organizations create brands
  • how brand equity is created
  • the importance of carefully overseeing and influencing a brand
  • how to cultivate goodwill

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What is Brand Strategy?

What is ‘Brand Strategy’? Rewind. What is a ‘brand’? Is it your organization’s logo? Symbol? Name? Sign? Color combination? Slogan?

Yes! But a brand is also a promise, an experience, an association, a relationship, an image, a story, a guarantee, a rumour, a myth, a behaviour, a short-cut, a perception, an ideology, a feeling.

A brand is all these things. So what is brand strategy?

Brand strategy is generating and influencing brands intentionally, carefully, thoughtfully with a strategic perspective. How do you do brand strategy?

  • Tip 1: engage everyone in your branding efforts – both inside and outside your organization
  • Tip 2: be clear, consistent, and coherent
  • Tip 3: listen to your people (take care of your household)
  • Tip 4: make sure your messages reflect reality
  • Tip 5: stay focussed
  • Tip 6: Try to keep your brand’s promise

Who owns your brand? You do. But… it exists only in other people’s minds. (and you don’t own those). Brands are ephemeral and need to evolve. So you can’t always control your brand… though why would you want to? Remember… we accept the best brands warts and all. So… brand bravely!

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