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Star Job Interview Technique video

Use this video to promote an understanding of:

  • the STAR job interview technique
  • how to respond to tricky interview questions
  • how to prepare stories to demonstrate your work experiences and competencies

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Job Interview Tips

Getting through the difficult job interview process can seem daunting. Here’s some top tips to get you through.

Before the interview
  • Research the organization well using the internet and any contacts you have.
  • These days its critical to ensure your Linkedin profile is up-to-date with your career history, qualifications as well as your skills and interests. Its also worthwhile ensuring you have at least a few recommendations from former colleagues or clients.
  • You can also expect that an employer will do a google search for your name before hiring you. If you have anything alarming publicly visible, make attempts to have it removed.
  • Most interviewers use ‘STAR interview technique’. They ask candidates to describe how they have dealt with challenging situations and tasks. They’re listening to hear what actions you took and what results you got.
  • Prepare for this by thinking of stories from your career that demonstrate how you overcome a challenge using your key strengths.
During the interview
  • Dress to impress – shine your shoes too
  • When you meet your interviewer, make eye contact when you introduce yourself and have a firm (but not tight) handshake
  • Answer the interviewer’s questions with honesty and confidence. If you’ve thought about which stories you can tell to highlight your strengths this shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Interviews are meant to be two-way, so make sure you ask questions about the role, the team you’ll be joining and the organization’s goals.
After the interview
  • Show initiative by following up with a friendly email or phone call – you could even refer back to some issue you had discussed to help them remember you.
  • If you feel you gave a weak answer to a particular question during the interview, a good idea might be to email more thoughts on that issue to show you are willing to take initiative to bolster areas of weakness
  • Waiting to hear back after interviews can be painful. The best thing to do is stay positive and keep at your job search.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a particular role. There are many reasons that employers might not continue with your application. Keep your chin up and keep moving!
  • If do get the good news that you’ve been offered a role, it may be time to discuss your salary.
  • If you are offered a much lower salary that you expected, don’t reject the offer immediately. If negotiation doesn’t work, try being creative by agreeing to start on that amount on the basis that if you achieve specific milestones then you’ll be entitled to a certain salary bump.
  • And with luck, you’ll soon be on your way to your dream job!
  • Make sure you’ve researched the organization
  • Update your Linkedin profile and check yourself out via google
  • Think about stories that demonstrate your strengths for STAR interview technique
  • Dress to impress, make eye contact and have a firm handshake
  • Ask about the team’s development and goals for the future
  • Follow-up after the interview
  • Be careful not to reject a low offer too hastily
  • And finally, keep your chin up and stay positive!

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