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Projects & Change Management

Does your team understand the relationship between these two activities?

This module explains the distinction between the project management and change management approaches, exploring the similarities and differences between the two. The module demonstrates how change management initiatives can be considered projects, and how projects can be improved by the inclusion of change management activities in order to ensure that human factors are considered.



14 page facilitator guide
4 engaging training activities
46 slide presentation deck
02:45 min summary video
7 handouts
7 resources in reading guide



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Materials included


Summary Video


Explains concepts in a concise, memorable manner. Includes a bulleted summary at the conclusion and matching job-aid handout PDF.


Facilitation Guide


Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow instructions for facilitating workshops with the above training activities. Includes useful tips and sample answers to questions. No expertise in the topic area is required.


Presentation Slide Deck


For use during workshops in both PDF & editable PPT formats. Slide numbers for each activity are referenced in the Facilitation Guide.


Reading Guide


Useful for participants wishing to deep dive into the module topic with links to the web's best articles, books and tools. PDF format.


Activity Handouts

Everything you need to facilitate successful training activities.

  • Appreciative enquiry worksheet
  • Changing Me – self assessment
  • Commitment to change postcards
  • Job-aid summary
  • Likert scale numbers 1 to 10
  • Terminology flash cards


Tools & Templates

Used during training activities. These can also be used for change implementation.

  • Appreciative Inquiry Worksheet
  • Personal change readiness self-assessment


This module will activate your organization to:

  • clarify the poorly understood interplay between project management and change management
  • brief project managers on how and why they should integrate change management activities into projects
  • promote an awareness of the importance of human and social factors on the success of projects
  • demonstrate the need for post-delivery support, learning and continued reinforcement of change behaviors caused by projects
  • show change leaders and those assisting with change initiatives that such initiatives must be approached according to a methodology or plan and may be managed as projects in themselves
  • motivate those involved in change initiatives to report on the management of those initiatives in order to drive improvement in the way the organization manages change, boosting its change capacity
  • promote a productive collaboration between the disciplines of change management and project management

This module will empower your teams and individuals to:

  • understand the distinction between the project management and change management approaches
  • become aware that the project management approach may not devote sufficient attention to the human, psychological and social factors in achieving an outcome
  • acknowledge that project management plans must integrate change management activities
  • hold an understanding that change management initiatives can be considered projects and must be managed with a similar attention to following a clear process

This module is ideal for use at this stage of change implementation:

Pre-implementationDuring ImplementationPost-implementation

Training Activities


Summary Video & Discussion

TARGET AUDIENCE: All learners SUGGESTED TIMING: 15 - 30 minutes

The module subject-matter is introduced using a short animated video. The knowledge-check and personal reflections questions are then used to explore learners’ understanding and experience before moving on to other connected activities.

Facilitators can make use of a range of techniques such as brainstorming or debates to explore the knowledge check questions.

Use examples of learners’ experiences in the supplementary activity which follows.


Project or Change?

TARGET AUDIENCE: All learners SUGGESTED TIMING: 15 - 30 minutes

This activity asks learners to classify scenarios as being either projects or change initiatives. However, the learning point will be that none of the scenarios fit one or the other classification, all projects require people to change, and all change initiatives are projects.

This is meant to be an “aha” moment for delegates, giving them an opportunity to reflect on the fact that change management and project management are interrelated. Each is necessary but not sufficient in order to ensure organizational success.


Planning to Change

TARGET AUDIENCE: Learners new to change SUGGESTED TIMING: 45 - 60minutes

In this activity, learners work through one of the two generic scenarios provided with this module to create a project plan. The aim of the activity is for them to learn that both project management tasks and change management tasks are involved in transitional change and that the sequence and coordination of these tasks is important. It is not possible to do the project in the timeframe required in the scenario if all tasks are done sequentially. Therefore, learners must identify which tasks can run alongside each other in order to achieve the deadline.


The Benefits of Change

TARGET AUDIENCE: Executives, experienced change agents, sponsors SUGGESTED TIMING: 45 – 60 minutes

This activity leads the learners through the process of identifying what benefits they wish to see as a result of a particular change. They then identify the necessary change outcomes and the products which need to be delivered if the organization is to realize these benefits. The final map will show the link between the work that needs to be done, the products to be delivered, the outcomes of these and the benefits which should then be realized.



Compatibility Guide

This module will boost engagement levels during the following change methodology stages:

Change Management MethodologyStage / phase
AIM (Accelerated Implementation Methodology)Build Change Agent Capability
Prosci Enterprise Change Management ModelImplementation: Build project plan
Beckhard and Harris Change Management ProcessBuilding the change team
John Kotter Eight Step Model for ChangeCreating the Guiding Coalition
The Change Leader’s Roadmap modelPhase IX – Learn and Course Correct
General Electric Change Acceleration Process (CAP)Leading Change