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Save when you buy together – this bundle includes these 5 tools:

Powerful vision statement worksheet

Create inspiring overall vision statements for your project.

This tool helps you to create powerful vision statements by offering guidelines for ensuring that the message powerful, clear and evokes an emotional response in the target audience.

The vision statement for a change initiative can inform the overall communication strategy of a change and woven into each message in the communication matrix, in order to continue to give stakeholders a sense of the overall big-picture purpose of the change project.

Storytelling structure template

Create and share powerful stories to keep people motivated during projects that bring significant change.

Storytelling is a powerful art, and this story structure template helps leaders, managers and others to inspire and motivate those people affected by changes by using the proven narrative arc structure used in effective story development.

This template can be particularly helpful when planning communications for your project and can be used in conjunction with the communications channel matrix and with the message crafting template.

Key message planning

Make sure the critical messages supporting your project are properly planned.

This tool ensures that you identify the audience of a each message that will support your project, the best channel for delivery of the message, and a broad overview of the message content.

Crafting the message follows the completion of the communication channels matrix, and this tool aids in outlining the content that will be delivered. Your completed key message planning tool provides a simple, indispensable guide for those responsible for implementing a communication plan for your project’s change management.

Stakeholder Communications Matrix

Make sure the right people get the right messages via the right channels at the right time.

The stakeholder communications matrix helps you to identify the various stakeholder groups affected by your project and to formulate the right messages for each group in order for the organization to be appropriately aware and engaged during the execution of your project.

This tool ensures the right people get the information relevant to their roles and responsibilities and engages them in owning the success of the initiative.

The stakeholder communication matrix tool can also be used alongside the communication channels matrix to coordinate messages that are delivered regarding changes to the various stakeholder groups, ensuring communications are targeted and effective.

Communication channels matrix

Coordinate the messages delivered about your project to stakeholder groups whilst ensuring you use a wide variety of communication channels to achieve maximum impact.

This tool ensures you don’t make the mistake of relying on just emails and PowerPoint presentations when communicating with your people. As well as offering a comprehensive list of communication channels you can use, it coordinates your communications efforts and ensures that you address the different preferred communication styles of various stakeholders.


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$149.95 $74.50

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