A Simple Guide to Personal Transformation

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A Simple Guide to Personal Transformation

Can people really change? YES!

  • Personal change can lead to rewarding growth and development… no matter what your stage in life.
  • You can create the future you want by consciously altering patterns that no longer work well for you.
  • This means becoming very aware of the internal processes in your mind… letting go of the past… and developing new habits that will help create a reality that serves you better.

Here are some tips to help you begin your path to personal transformation:

  • Identify why the status quo no longer works for you: the compelling reason for you to change.
  • Visualize a clear picture of your desired future: a strong motivator to keep you going.
  • What do you want to happen and why?
  • Accept the past. Consider how the lessons you’ve learned have helped.
  • Develop a plan to get you there, with meaningful ways to gauge your success.
  • Create reachable short-term goals that will keep you motivated.
  • Tell friends & family what you want to do and why. Get their support!
  • Find a partner who can support you in your journey.
  • Finally… Celebrate your successes. Even the small victories. You are on your way!

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