Change Stakeholder Playing Cards

A unique activity facilitation resource for change makers who want to foster a better understanding of stakeholders in the change process.


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Stakeholder playing card templates12 page facilitation guideActivity handout
Playing CardsActivity Facilitation GuideActivity Handout

The facilitation guide outlines these four activities:

Whats-in-it-for-themWhat’s In It for ThemTell the group how various stakeholders might be affected by change, and in turn, react to that change. Work together to create solutions.
Story-tellingStory TellingPractice telling stories about change! Use the stakeholder playing cards to give the story teller either a target audience or a cast of characters to include in their story.
Role-playsRole PlaysInvolve participants to identify the stakeholders in your change initiative through role play.
ConsequencesConsequencesAn icebreaker for a session on change communication or stakeholder engagement.

How to use the Stakeholder Playing Cards:

Step 1: Print out the cardsStep 2: Slice the cards (you can laminate them for durability)Step 3: Use facilitation guide to plan engaging activities

Stakeholder-mappingBecause the cards list the attributes of a wide variety of common change initiative stakeholders, they can be used as a learning and development tool to help individuals understand typical stakeholder’s varying needs, interests and likely response to change. You can also use the stakeholder cards as a visual aid during these points during the change cycle:

  • performing stakeholder analysis
  • conducting stakeholder mapping
  • impact analysis

HINT: Laminate the stakeholder playing cards and keep a deck handy. They form an indispensable tool change makers can draw upon when conducting change project discussions. They are fun and light-hearted, yet serve to illustrate key points about the gamma of stakeholders during change.

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  • Pieter Fourie

    Very user-friendly, practical and fun manner to illustrate change and its impact in a lecturing session.

    • Thanks Pieter – very happy you’ve found this to be helpful!