Highlights from Change Management 2015 – Day 1

Change Activation’s Roving Reporter shares her insights from the world’s largest change management gathering

Victoria Marriot

The ACMP Change Management 2015 conference in Las Vegas has kicked off with an incredible talk by Daniel Pink, the ‘full of energy’ opening keynote speaker for our 2015 agenda. The format was a ‘135 presentation’ where Daniel shared one insight, 3 principles and 5 take aways, which was a great format for engaging the huge audience at this week’s conference.

The insight shared by Daniel was that; “Selling (whether it is your product, your service, your change plan or yourself) has changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 100”. The point he raised here was that information asymmetry is giving way to something at least close to information parity meaning it is more and more important to piece together evidence-based cases for change management.

The 3 principles discussed by Daniel were; ‘Attunement’, Buoyancy and Clarity.

Attunement refers to getting out of your own head and becoming more in tune with the way others are thinking. Buoyancy refers to dealing with change resistance and being able to stay afloat in the ocean of rejection that we as change managers face every day. With clarity, 2 dimensions to clarity were discussed for change managers; the shift from ‘getting access to information’ to now making sense of information, or ‘curating information’ and the shift from ‘problem solving’ to now focusing more on ‘problem finding’.

With regards to the 5 takeaways:
1. Increase your effectiveness by briefly reducing your feeling of power. More humble leaders are more effective and overtake more overpowering leaders.
2. Increase attunement by paying attention to others postures, gestures and language. Then reflect those back without being an idiot about it 🙂
3. Don’t be a glad-hander. Focus on your expertise and be more like yourself.
4. Have fewer conversations about how and two more about why to make a more interesting change management conversation.
5. Find the offering and build the offering. Give people an off-ramp. When we want people to do something make it easy for them to do what you want them to do.

Right, time for some networking with these amazing people. Next talk for me will be Linda Ackerman Anderson and Joe Rafter’s enterprise wide capability session on ‘Building Change Leadership Capability across the Enterprise: The Live Case at Pacific Gas and Electric’. Exciting!

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